Your event

Let your event be an opportunity for your success. In order for everything to go according to plan, even the best need help and advice.

Why Vida Petrovčič ?


In her rich career, television journalist Vida Petrovčič designed, prepared, edited and moderated more than one thousand three hundred shows and high-profile public events in Slovenian and English – at home and abroad. She is distinguished by good readiness, knowledge of topics, professionalism, versatility and popularity.



How can I help?

  • I help you with the conceptual and content design and preparation of the event, selection of participants and invited guests.
  • I help you with the effective time and spatial placement of your event.
  • I prepare a script, connecting material and text for the event.
  • I prepare a content design of accompanying events.
  • I professionally moderate your event and round tables on it.
  • I prepare content cues for conversations with guests and for media presentations.
  • I help you design and execute the content and graphic identity of the event.
  • I prepare content materials for informing the public and the media.
  • I help you choose rare and outstanding guests to spice up your event.

Successful preparation of your event

When preparing an event, you need an experienced consultant who knows how to prepare the stage layout of the table, what microphones should be, what to emphasize in the introductory address, how to design the content, who to invite and when to organize the event. And – how to prevent unwanted events?

Book a consultation

I offer help when you need it most. What should be the content of the event, what current topics to highlight, who to invite to the table, who should be a credible moderator? I know the answers.

We look forward to talking to you!

Photo: Vida Petrovčič and Microsoft Copilot | Microsoft AI